As Buddhists we believe that all sentient beings have Buddha nature, the potential to fully liberate ourselves and others from suffering and to find lasting peace and happiness. Therefore we respect all forms of life.

In addition, we understand that our present life is only one of countless lifetimes and that we will come back again and again to experience our karma, the fruits of our actions and their resulting effects on ourselves, each other and our planet.

Beliefs notwithstanding, the environmental degradation of our home on planet Earth and the ensuing climate change resulting from destructive human behaviour is now painfully evident. We are the cause of this most urgent problem, but we can also be the solution.

We need to think globally and act locally. Therefore we invite you to join us in the Kagyu Samye Dzong Edinburgh Environmantal Action Group.

Earth Day

Act Globally

Act Globally by signing the petition at this link which will be sent to the Government, the Council, influential leaders and the media.

Volunteers in Garden
Volunteers in the KSDE courtyard garden

Act Locally

Act Locally by joining in with activities such the Greening of Samye Dzong Project to create a lovely community courtyard garden, and any other ways you can come up with to enhance the local environment. Ideas, time, energy, funds and resources are all welcome!

Just register here to get in on the action!