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  • Monday Sep 23rd 2019, 7.00pm
    Teachings on Mind Training with Drupon Rinpoche

    We are honoured and delighted to welcome back Drupon Rinpoche to illuminate these priceless teachings with his incisive insight and fearless compassion that reaches the hearts and minds of all who are open to receive.

  • Sunday Oct 27th 2019, 10.30am
    An Introduction to Buddhism

    Ani Rinchen Khandro gives an overview of the life of the Buddha and the subsequent spread of his teachings, as fresh and relevant to modern day life as in their early origins in India.

  • Saturday Nov 9th 2019, 10.30am
    The Meaning of Refuge and Bodhicitta

    This course is for those who are new to Buddhism as well as those who have some knowledge of the Buddha Dharma but who wish to deepen their understanding of these profound topics.

  • Sunday Nov 24th 2019, 10.30am
    Surviving and Thriving in the 21st Century

    Clive Holmes will teach breathing exercises to relax, visualisations and meditations in this one-day course.

  • Sunday Dec 8th 2019, 10.30am
    The Four Preliminary Foundations – Part 1 – Precious Human Life

    In part one of this four part course we will explore Precious Human Life: its rarity, fragility and the unique opportunity it gives us to fulfill our true purpose and potential.