Online Courses

We have created a number of video courses and guided meditations that you can access online:

Discovering Buddhism

A three-part course taught by Ani Rinchen Khandro. The course looks at Buddhism with fresh eyes, from the time of the Buddha to its relevance in our lives today.

The Door to Dharma

This course elucidates the purpose, meaning and way to study and practice the Dharma for the benefit of oneself and others.

The Four Preliminary Foundations

Ani Rinchen Khandro teaches the Four Preliminary Foundations, also known as the Four Ways of Turning the Mind to Dharma.

The course is in four parts of two sessions each, making a total of eight teachings spread over four months to allow participants time to study, meditate and practice each topic within the context of their own life.

The Twelve Deeds of Lord Buddha

Ani Rinchen Khandro presents Teachings on the Twelve Deeds of Lord Buddha to mark the reopening of Kagyu Samye Dzong Edinburgh.

The Meaning of Taking Refuge

A talk by Ani Rinchen Khandro on what it means to take Refuge in the Buddhist faith.

This is particularly useful for those people who have attended our previous online courses and who may be considering taking Refuge in the future.

The Songs of Milarepa

The Great Masters lives of liberation are not merely history lessons, but rather the means to inspire our own Dharma practice. To study Milarepa’s Songs of Realisation and reflect on their deep meaning, can awaken awe and devotion that opens our mind and imbues life with purpose.

For more details of our regular in person classes, please see our Programme page.