Audio Teaching: The Four Preliminary Foundations – Part 4: Samsara by Ani Rinchen Khandro


This audio teaching was recorded at Kagyu Samye Dzong Edinburgh on Sunday July 8th 2019. The audio is in mp3 format and runs for 3 hours.


The Four Preliminary Foundations, sometimes called the Four Thoughts or Four Ways of Opening the Mind, are the essential topics for study, reflection and meditation which open the mind to a deeper understanding of ourselves and our world. Applying them in daily life is of great benefit and paves the way to highest Mahamudra teachings that form the Buddhist view and ultimately leads to liberation.

In this final part of the course we will go beyond the superficial, worldly way of seeing to examine how things really are. By developing our awareness through study, contemplation and meditation we open our minds and deepen our understanding.

Listen to an excerpt

In English.
Running time: 3 hours
Format: mp3 file