Saturday April 20th & Sunday April 21st 2013

A Dharma Weekend with Akong Tulku Rinpoche and Gelong Thubten

We are happy and honoured to receive KSDE’s founder and precious teacher Akong Tulku Rinpoche, together with Gelong Thubten, who will be assisting him throughout the weekend’s events.

Saturday April 20th

3pm – 5pm
The Meaning & Purpose of Vajrayana Deity Practice by Gelong Thubten
Deity visualisation and mantra recitation are widely practiced in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Thubten will explain the philosophy of these profound methods and their relevance to our busy modern day lives.

8pm ROKPA in Tibet and Q&A with Akong Rinpoche 
A film screening of Rinpoche’s recent work in Tibet.

Sunday April 21st

10am The Meaning of Refuge by Gelong Thubten

11am The Refuge Ceremony with Akong Rinpoche
This is for people taking Refuge in the Buddhist faith or wishing to renew their Refuge vows. Please let us know if you are taking Refuge for the first time. (Free of charge).

2pm Explanation of Medicine Buddha Initiation

4pm Medicine Buddha Initiation by Akong Rinpoche
A wonderful opportunity to receive the blessing of Medicine Buddha Initiation and authorisation from Rinpoche, who is also a doctor of Tibetan Medicine.

Full weekend of events – £40 (concessions £30)