Before and After Taking Refuge

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With Ani Rinchen Khandro

Ani Rinchen Khandro10.30am-1.00pm, Before – The Meaning of Refuge and Bodhicitta
The morning session is an introduction to the essential Buddhist topics of Refuge and Bodhicitta. It is suitable for all new comers, particularly those who may be considering taking Refuge in the future. (FYI, please note that Lama Yeshe Rinpoche will be giving Refuge on November 2nd at Samye Ling. Details on their website)

2.00pm-4.30pm, After – Introduction to the Four Extraordinary Foundations (Ngondro)
The afternoon session is for those who have attended The Four Ordinary Preliminaries course and have already taken Refuge. Ani Rinchen will give a brief overview of all Four Extraordinary Foundation Practices then focus in detail on the first practice of Refuge and Bodhicitta. Instruction will be given on prostrations, recitations and visualizations for body, speech and mind.

Texts will be available to buy on the day.