International Earth Day 2018

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Every Day is Earth Day

Mother Earth is our only home. Yet we treat her carelessly, polluting and plundering her resources with impunity. She is suffering and, as a result, so are we.

Today on Earth Day we come together to reflect, meditate and celebrate Earth, recognising our interconnectedness with her and all who dwell on her.

Let us honour the Earth and tread lightly upon her so that future generations inherit the healthy, wondrous planet that is their birthright. And let every day be Earth Day.

10.30 – A brief introduction to the Buddhist View of Interdependence
10.45 – Guided Tonglen Meditation
11.30 – Tea break
12.00 – Optional opportunity to give service, helping to keep the Centre beautiful, inside and out.
1.00 –  Lunch, courtesy of Alberto’s delicious home made soup.

By donation. Everybody is Welcome.