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Karma Pakshi’s Life & Writings: A Reincarnate Lama & Two Mongol Emperors by Author Charles Manson

Sunday April 2nd 2023, 10:30am - 12:30pm


Born in 13th Century East Tibet, Karma Pakshi was the first reincarnation of Karmapa Dusum Chenpa and was widely acknowledged as a Mahāsiddha, a great spiritual adept, not only in Tibet but also in Mongolia where he was spiritual advisor to the Emperors Mongke Khan and Kublai Khan, at the height of the Mongol Empire’s influence in Asia. 

In this talk Buddhist scholar and author Charles Manson will cover key points of Karma Pakshi’s life, his written teachings and his profoundly influential legacy within the Kagyu Lineage. Copies of his newly published book,The 2nd Karmapa Karma Pakshiwill be available for purchase and signing. There will also be opportunities for Q&A and discussion.

After Mӧngke’s death, his successor the Emperor Kublai Khan, being unable to bend Karma Pakshi to his will, cast him into prison, where Karma Pakshi produced much of his profound and inspirational writing. On his eventual release, he returned to Tibet and commissioned one of the Medieval world’s largest metal statues, a sixty foot high seated Buddha. Centuries later, two Buddhist meditation masters, the first Mingyur Rinpoche and Chӧgyam Trungpa Rinpoche were inspired by Karma Pakshi to compose meditation practices of profound importance to Tibetan Buddhist practitioners to this day: respectively, the Karma Pakshi Guru Yoga and the Sādhana of Mahāmudrā.

Sessions are offered free of charge. However, all donations are much appreciated and go towards the upkeep of the Centre. Any such offerings enable Samye Dzong to serve the community and provide the opportunity to cultivate generosity.


Sunday April 2nd 2023
10:30am - 12:30pm
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