Beginning With Buddha

BuddhaDiscover Buddha Within

Every year we hold an Introduction to Buddhism course for those who are interested but may not know where to begin. As with most things, it’s best to begin at the beginning, which in this case is with the Buddha.

Sunday November 4th 10.30am – 4.30pm
An Introduction to Buddhism

Ani Rinchen Khandro presents an overview of Buddhism starting with the life of the Buddha, through the spread of his teachings around the world to the West, via Tibet to Scotland. The main focus of the course will be to discover the relevance and benefits of timeless Buddhist wisdom and compassion in our busy modern times. This introduction can also serve as a precursor to the Four Preliminary Foundations course starting in January 2019.

As the Buddha Dharma is beyond price, all our Dharma courses are offered free of charge. In order to enable this we hope those who are able to will cultivate generosity by making a donation when booking online.

For those who prefer a more secular approach KSDE is also offering a weekend course with Alistair Appleton later in the month.

November 24th & 25th 10.30am to 4.30pm both days
A Meditative Approach to Anxiety

Full information and course bookings can be made directly with Alistair Appleton at

And finally, a wee reminder about this Saturday’s Screen Matinee on

October 27th, 10.30am
Teachings by H.H.17th Karmapa on The Four Dharmas of Gampopa

followed by discussion of the topic and Q&A
12pm Tea Break
12.30pm Optional volunteering opportunity to help keep the Centre beautiful. Leaf sweepers much appreciated and rewarded with mugs of steaming hot Chai.