KSD Edinburgh re-opens on Monday January 8th

Happy New Year Everybody
Our wish for 2018 is for us all to be kind to ourselves,
kind to each other, and kind to our beautiful planet

KSD Edinburgh re-opens on Monday January 8th

We look forward to seeing you, hopefully rested, recharged and ready for the new year ahead. If not, no worries! Our full range of wholesome weekly activities will benefit body, mind and spirit. And our precious monthly Dharma courses are now available to book online, free of charge, or by donation.

If you are willing and able to offer a donation, you will accomplish the threefold benefit of:

  • Enabling KSD Edinburgh to flourish and provide teachings freely for all.
  • Helping those on low or no income to benefit from the Buddha Dharma.
  • Cultivating the noble quality of generosity that gathers virtue and merit.

May all beings be happy and create the causes of happiness.

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