What’s on in January at KSDE

Monday January 11th – KSDE re-opens at 4 Walker Street, after the winter break, with our weekly programme of meditations, pujas, qigong and yoga classes.

Wednesday 13th – 6pm – 7.30pm Health Body, Peaceful Mind – A new 12 week Qigong course, led by Ani Rinchen, based on simple but effective qigong exercises as well as sitting and walking meditations for improved health, energy and balance of body and mind. Suitable for all.

Sunday January 17th – 10.30am – 4.30pm
The Four Preliminary Foundations – Part 1, Precious Human Life 

Details and bookings for this and all our courses are available on our Courses web page.

Please note that every weekend from Saturday January 9th onwards you are invited to join in the meaningful work of transforming our new building at 25 Bernard Street, Leith into a wonderful Dharma Centre for the common good of countless beings.
Morning sessions 10am till 1pm. Afternoon sessions 2pm – 5pm
Tea, biscuits and great merit provided. Just bring your own elbow grease!
You can sign up to volunteer here