Sacred Wheel Days

This week commemorates two of the most holy events in the Buddhist calendar, namely the birth of the Buddha and the Buddha’s perfect enlightenment. The days on which these anniversaries fall are known as Wheel Days and it is said that whatever actions we perform on those days will be magnified by millions. Therefore they are the very best of times to practice Dharma, make offerings to The Three Jewels of Buddha, Dharma and Sangha and perform any virtuous activities dedicated for the benefit of all beings. You are very welcome to join us at Samye Dzong for the following activities:

Tuesday  May 29th – The Anniversary of Lord Buddha’s Birth
6.30pm – Chenrezig Puja will be dedicated to The Three Jewels in celebration of the birth of Shakyamuni Buddha. Those who wish to may bring offerings such as tealights, incense, flowers, or saffron. Offering katas will also be available to purchase before the puja.

Monday June 4th – The Anniversary of Lord Buddha’s Enlightenment

7.30pm – Guided Meditation will be dedicated in homage to Buddha Shakyamuni’s perfect enlightenment which continues to illuminate our world and inspire beings throughout the ages, upto and beyond the present day. The meditation session will begin with the offering of lights whilst reciting the Buddha’s mantra:

May all beings be happy and create the causes of happiness