Sunday April 9th 2017, 10.30am-4.30pm

Chenrezi Practice Instruction & Empowerment With Tulku Ogyen Nyima

Chenrezi is the Lord of compassion, wisdom and loving kindness. In today’s troubled world it is more important than ever to cultivate these qualities in ourselves through the practice of Chenrezi.

Tulku Ogyen NyimaIn the morning session Ani Rinchen will explain the meaning, visualizations, text and mantras of this sublime practice. Texts will be available to buy.

In the afternoon session Tulku Ogyen Nyima will kindly bestow the Chenrezi empowerment and authorization, thus enabling participants to engage in the practice of Chenrezi.

This event is open to all who have taken Refuge in the Buddhist faith.

Contributions £25 (concessions £20)